A bit about me…

     A bit about me and why I created this blog.  In 5 days my youngest child will be 7 and he has defined my life since the moment he was born.  Before him , I was a young adult with a career in the travel industry.  I had so many moments already in life that many never get the chance to have. We can blog about them another day.

    However on January 10, 2006 my son was born and he was born “dead.” We spent 8 days in NICU and learned how to navigate that first year with doctor’s appts, an in home nurse and financial stresses.  The day we came home with our son, our daughter arrived from Alaska.  She was almost 4 at the time and barely knew her daddy.   However, she was coming to join her older brother and brand new baby brother in our home.   But we made it to today almost seven year later.

    I never wanted a child let alone three growing up .  I wanted to be a JAG officer.  Funny how I have children and work in the travel industry, however I wouldn’t change anything.  I have no regrets and actually would do it all over again.

    This blog will tell you funny stories about my family, the crazy things I see while I travel – some of the best people watching is at airports.  But most importantly it will tell you about how I use to be upper management until recently.   My son told me all he wanted for Christmas was for me to be home more.  My boss and human resources thought I was crazy – do you?   No one had ever requested a demotion with a VERY large salary reduction. 

     However, my children are only little once and I lost the opportunity with my now 19 year old step son serving in the United States Marine Corp.

                             SO BEGIN THE ADVENTURE of less money and more family time with me.

First his 7th birthday party…..